About Us

Daryl started making sculptures when he was twelve-years-old. Some of his first sculptures were a helicopter and an airplane. As he got older, life got busy and Daryl didn’t do much artwork. During this time Daryl and his daughter started rockhounding and developed a love for all kinds of rocks, fossils, and gems. They went on many rock hunting expeditions and, after acquiring a rock saw, started a collection of beautiful cut stone.

One of Daryl’s other favorite hobbies is biking. In 2008, when one of his biking buddies got married, Daryl decided to build a sculpture depicting her falling off her bike as she was looking at the wildflowers. He combined his rock collecting hobby and his long forgotten art skills to create a wedding present for her. He had so much fun making it that he started selling similar sculptures.

Today Daryl continues to create one-of-a-kind pieces of artwork in both bronze and welding wire, using rocks as bases. He hopes that you enjoy his artwork as much as he enjoys creating it. If any of his work interests you, or you have an idea of your own, please contact us, and he will see if he can make your idea a reality.


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